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What are the Long-Term Possibilities of Google Glass?

Google Glass, despite not being released to the public yet, is already one of the most talked about and at the same time controversial products of all time. The biggest thing about Google Glass is that it isn’t just capturing the attention of technology lovers; it has been in the mainstream news for months and has people around the world talking about it.


Those who love the product and the concept are talking about how it will change the way we use the internet forever, while those on the other side of the fence are saying it is a further eroding of society and will bring security and privacy concerns. The funny thing is that both parties have legitimate points, but like with most other controversial topics – we’re thinking climate change – rather than work together to find the middle ground, it appears there’s just going to be continuous opposition and argument.


We’re excited by the possibilities that Google Glass bring, for both businesses and consumers. We’ve decided to put the controversy to one side, and examine what Google Glass could look like and represent in the future.


App Development

By their own admission, Google are pinning their hopes on innovative developers taking the time to develop apps specifically for Google Glass. Several already popular apps, including Evernote and Path, have already been confirmed to have Google Glass compatible versions ready to go.

All apps for Google Glass will be free and open source, increasing the possibilities for consumers, although whether apps will come laden with adverts that will literally be right in front of our eyes remains to be seen.


Use with Current Products


There is already a plan to develop Google Glass so that the chip alone can be mounted onto prescription glasses. Although a natural progression, it may be some time before this becomes a reality, as there will likely need to be a lot of research into how the display reacts with the glasses. Check out here wide range of Sunglasses Online from Rediff Shopping.

In the future, it is also likely that Google will pair up with a designer label and perhaps sign an exclusivity agreement to provide the technology for a particular brand.


Contact Lenses

USA Today reported earlier this year that Google contact lenses that work by interacting with an accompanying wristband. We cannot even begin to imagine how this will work, as you’re obviously not going to have a hardware chip on a contact lens fitted into your eye.

However, Google are one of a handful of companies who could make this a reality, so we’re happy to wait and see what they create.


Medical Use

Doctors have already used Google Glass in operations, and use is only going to grow in the future. In the long-term, perhaps they will be more of a training tool than anything else; a trainee surgeon, for example, can see the augmented reality view of what they should be doing, before applying it themselves. The Google Glass camera is also likely to be used for recording operations to then be used for training, research, and further treatment purposes.


The Future with Google Glass

Google Glass undoubtedly has the potential to change the world. Whether it proves a success will ultimately be down to those who use the product and find a use for it in their lives. Whatever happens, the next few years of Google Glass development and innovation is sure to prove an exciting time.


Author Bio: Charlie is a technology enthusiast hoping to buy Google Glass before the end of the year. Charlie currently looks after a number of websites on behalf of friends, using managed VPS hosting to drive the best possible performance from each.


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