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Insects Eyes Inspire New Digital Camera With Unique Imaging Capabilities
ANI  | 
Digital cameras with designs that mimic those of ocular systems found in dragonflies, bees, praying mantises and other insects have been created.   This class of technology offers exceptionally wide-angle fields of view, with low aberrations, high acuity to motion, and nearly infinite depth of field.   Taking cues from Mother Nature, the cameras exploit large arrays of tiny focusing lenses and miniaturized detectors in hemispherical layouts, just like eyes found in arthropods.  

Memoto Camera: 5-Megapixel Camera that Captures Every Minute Of Your Life
ANI  | 
Two-Swedish inventor has developed an innovative camera with the intention to helps people capture photos every 30 seconds of their life.   The Memoto camera, which raises 550,189 dollars on Kickstarter in 2012, is a small wearable 5-megapixel digital camera about the size of those Listerine Breath Strips packs.  

Coming Soon: Polaroid camera with Built in Instagram Filters
ANI  | 
A Polaroid camera that allows that allows users to add Instagram filters is set to hit the market early next year.   The device, made by Italian company Socialmatic, will be able to print out its own photos as well as share digitally via social media.   The camera will come with 3G and Wifi connectivity and 16GB of storage, but detailed specifications and a physical prototype have not been revealed yet, Sky News reports.


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