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Cherry Framework Review: The Tool to Outstand on the Web

Many web developers and bloggers have recognized WordPress as the best tool to build a striking online platform due to its ease of use and numerous useful features. To create a website from scratch, there are several starting points to choose from, particularly an HTML template, a WP code, or a theme framework. The latter has become the main choice in the community of web developers lately.

Using WordPress frameworks, everyone who designs themes on a frequent basis can escape a monotonous procedure of writing a new back-end code for each theme. Thus, it’s possible to accelerate the process of designing and save a lot of time to channel it into a more useful area. Moreover, any WordPress theme framework provides multiple opportunities in terms of functionality and customization, which can dramatically facilitate efforts of web developers. Thanks to this tool, it’s also easy to upgrade outdated themes without re-doing the whole structure.
One of the best WordPress frameworks developed relatively not long ago is Cherry Framework by TemplateMonster. Over a short period of time, it has built a base of loyal users throughout the world, which is no wonder. With its help, you’ll be able to manage your sites effortlessly and design outstanding themes that will certainly grab attention of web surfers.
Here is one of the WooCommerce Cherry Framework themes. Due to its bright banners, bars and buttons, you’ll easily grab attention of everyone who enters a website designed by means of this option. Small content areas make it easier to comprehend the information published there while a left sidebar provides extra navigation. Divided into three columns, images of products boast of an appealing look against a light background. The theme is also notable for a dynamic atmosphere ensured by top-notch sliders. Choosing it as a template for an online store, you are guaranteed to make a profit out of your commerce business significantly.

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As you see, you’ll have an opportunity to design a striking platform with Cherry Framework, but it offers users much more than only eye-catching visuals. Read our detailed review of this tool to find out why it’s so popular in the community of web design and how you can benefit from its features.

Quick Installation

Would you like avoid the mess of switching between WordPress, FTP, and PhpMyAdmin? Well, you have a chance to do it if you set a choice on Cherry Framework.  During its installation, everything is performed in the WP admin panel step by step so that you won’t have to toss about here and there. A convenient option of XML Import / Export doesn’t require transferring the existing content once more, which makes this tool ideal not only for newcomers, but also for everyone who already operates a website.

Easy Customization

If you want to create a website that wouldn’t miss any of your requirements, Cherry Framework is a must for you. Due to its highly customizable nature, it's easy to modify the way your site looks in various aspects, e.g. typography, navigation, logos, sliders, footers, headers, portfolios, etc. Moreover, the tool contains a wide range of short codes, which makes it possible to embed any types of content, posts, grids, lists, video, audio, Google Map, you name it!

Frequent Updates

It may be difficult to keep pace with the rapid technological progress, but Cherry Framework brings you closer to this goal. As it’s updated on a regular basis, your online platform will always match the latest standards of the industry. Even if you have an older version of the tool, all of its components will be upgraded automatically.

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Total Responsiveness

Themes built with Cherry Framework have seven responsive layouts to ensure an awesome look of your website on devices of any screen resolutions. In addition to layouts, sliders and other components also boast of a responsive nature, which is meant to provide your audience with a comfortable experience on your platform.

Unique Palette

A color scheme often plays a key role in attracting attention of web surfers, that’s why it’s important to pay special attention to this aspect when designing a site. If you entrust your platform to Cherry Framework, you’ll turn it into an eye candy due to an unlimited assortment of colors presented in Cherry Options.

Brilliant Slideshows

Demonstrating images of your products in a slider, you can introduce your company to customers in an appealing way. With this purpose in mind, TemplateMonster developers created three spectacular sliders such as RoundAbout Gallery, Accordion and Slider to help you take your website visitors on an engaging tour through your services. Take advantage of Cherry Framework, and you’ll be able to highlight the important content by means of amazing slideshows.

Unique Post Styles

What do you think about an idea to add a special touch to every web page of your site? If it sounds like a good idea to you, resort to Cherry Framework. This tool will make your blog posts differ in their style from testimonials, team info and other content blocks due to a wide choice of post formats. Thus, you'll accentuate the individuality of your online resource in an effortless manner.

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Multilingual Nature

Are you a non-native speaker of English, but still want to become a confident user of Cherry Framework? Well, it’s possible due to the tool’s feature to support some other languages besides English. They include Spanish, Italian, German, and Russian. Languages can be chosen automatically depending on the one of your engine.

Custom Widgets

To boost functionality of Cherry Framework, its developers added an extra set of widgets to the standard one. With its assistance, you can work with widgets for social networks, post output, feedback, and many other things that will come in handy for managing your site and getting in closer contact with the audience.


The main aim of any website owner is to reach as many web surfers as possible, which is not a problem for Cherry Framework. Search engines can easily index content due to its SEO-friendly peculiarities such as custom permalinks settings, image optimization, breadcrumbs, related posts, and SEO titles. So, if you want to make sure your online resource gets high conversion rates, this tool is just the job for you.

It won’t be an exaggeration to claim that Cherry Framework is a universal tool to build sites that would stand out on the web. As proof of this statement, here’s a theme developed with its help. It boasts of everything that can guarantee success regardless of the sphere its owner is involved in.

Once people show up on a platform designed by means of this theme, they’ll become aware of everything a certain company offers thanks to well-organized blocks of content, an image gallery, and informative descriptions under albums. Newsfeed subscription will keep individuals well-informed about updates while a social media widget can expand a customer base.  All the mentioned features can arouse an interest of the audience in the promoted enterprise and increase a chance of their further integration. Just make use of Cherry Framework, and your business will see an influx of clients in no time.


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