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5 Of The Best Gadgets You Need In Your Home

There are so many gadgets to choose from these days, you may be wondering which ones are worth getting. Some items are luxuries or fun to receive as gifts. Others, however, are ones you should make sure you have. These are the type of gadgets we'll be focusing on here -ones you definitely want for your home.

Smart TV


Today's TVs are so far beyond what was available even a few years ago. Compared to televisions of a few decades ago, they are like something out of Star Trek. You can now get a smart TV that combines the functions of a television, computer, stereo system, camera and more.


For example, Samsung makes a TV that lets you make Skype video calls. It even lets you log into apps using face recognition so there's no need for old fashioned passwords! This type of TV isn't cheap, but for entertainment buffs they are a great investment.


Showerhead With Bluetooth Speaker


The Kohler Moxie Showerhead lets you take a luxurious shower to the accompaniment of your favorite music Bluetooth Speaker. You can get music or other sound wirelessly delivered through your showerhead. It has to be connected to a source, of course, such as an iPod or iPhone.


Wireless Home Alarm System


While some gadgets are fun, this one safeguards you, your family and your valuables. LifeShield makes a wireless security system that includes a wide variety of features that most systems don't have, such as full home fire protection, free interactive monitoring and backup connections through your cell phone and landlines. This is something every home should have to let you rest easier, whether you are sleeping at home or away on vacation.


Futuristic Microwave


Most microwaves are updated versions of the styles that have been around for almost half a century. Not the Fagor Spoutnik space age style microwave. This is a dome shaped device that looks like it might give you time travel capabilities. At the same time, it's a highly functional microwave that will let you heat up all of your favorite foods. The circular design also makes it easier to clean that conventional models.


App Controlled Light Switch


The Belkin WeMo Light Switch lets you control the lighting in your home using an app. It connects to your Wi-Fi router, so it effectively becomes part of your home computer system. Aside from being a fun way to turn lights on and off when you're home, you can create preset schedules for your lights. 


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