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New Software App Which Uses Smartphone Camera To Read Pulse In Seconds
ANI  | 
A Japanese multinational company has revealed its new software that can measure a person's pulse rate through a tablets or a smartphone camera.  

Automatic Link: Tiny Device Tracks Your Car's Health | App For Car Problems
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A new device and app has been developed that will keep check on a car's engine, fuel economy, driving habits and parking location.   The new iphone app and tiny device called Automatic Link, which will hit the US market in May for about 70 dollars, will analyse the car's problems and feed the information to their smartphone, the Daily Telegraph reported.   The tiny device plugs into the car's onboard diagnostics (OBD) port and sends the information to the iPhone via Bluetooth.  

Google Updates Maps App For iPhone: Search Icons And Contacts
ANI  | 
Google has announced its Maps app update for Apple iPhone, making it easier to find places and look up saved friends' addresses.   Google Maps app, which will now include new search icons, can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Available in current iPhone 5 and Apple iOS6 too.  

Texting Could Lead to Pain In The Neck and Could Lead to Text Neck
ANI  | 
Be Cautious while using mobile phone!!! Excessive amount of leaning your head forward and down or while looking at a phone or other mobile device may result in what some people call "text neck."  

Urine Test Goes Mobile: uCheck iPhone App That Tests Urine For Medical Conditions
ANI  | 
Uchek, Biosense Technologies, an India based company specializing in medical devices, has developed a Smartphone app to interpret and process urine diagnostic. They have demonstrated at TED (Technology, Education and Design) conference in Los Angeles, uses a phone's camera to analyze urine.   The app is the brainchild of TED fellow Myshkin Ingawale, the BBC reports.   According to the report, urine can be tested for the presence of 10 elements, including glucose, proteins and nitrites.  

Top 6 iOS Apps For 2013 That Works Best in iPhone, iPad & iPod Devices
In the year 2012 we have seen lots of iPhone apps that have shown their capability to use iOS specification such as retina display, processing capacity and have showcased new features in their functioning.   So you all must be excited to know what's new in 2013. We have reviewed the top 6 best and free iOS application for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. So let's check them out here  

Facebook's New Mobile App Which Tracks User Location & Find Nearby Friends
ANI  | 
Social networking giant Facebook will release a new mobile app called location tracker app that will allow a user's location to be tracked even when the phone is not being used. The location app is designed to allow Facebook users to find friends in the area. It will run even if the program isn't open on a user's handset. Facebook already has a mobile "Find Friends" app, which allows users to let others know where they are by "checking in" at a bar, a library etc, the Telegraph reports.


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