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Researchers have created and tested a mobile phone app to support people, who are set to embark on a partial meal replacement program (MRP).   In the study, overweight or obese women were randomly allocated to one of two study groups, an intervention group and a control group.   The intervention group received an MRP Support app and the control group got a static app based on the information available with the MRP. A total of 58 adult women participated in the 8-week trial.  

Now you can pick out the happiest snaps from a wedding or judge the changing mood of a crowd using new software developed by an Indian origin scientist and his colleagues.   The software analyses all the faces in a photo to give the shot an overall "mood score," according to New Scientist.   Abhinav Dhall at the Australian National University in Canberra and his team used face tracking software to analyse the smiles of the faces in a group by noting the positions of nine spots on the face such as the corners of the mouth and eyes.  

Music App That Shows 25 Most-Played Songs By Listeners
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For those tired of music charts dictated by 13-year-old girls and Justin Bieber, there may be a solution in the form of a new app.   Herne Bay resident Anthony Gardiner has developed, a new website dedicated to creating custom music charts based on what interests each listener, reported.  

Islendinga: Android App For Icelanders To Prevent Against Incest
Engineers have created a new app for Icelanders that allows to check whether their new date happens to be a relative.   Iceland has a population of just 320,000 and since most Icelanders descend from the same family tree, it can make making dating a somewhat risky endeavour, reports  

Struggling To Lose Weight? Use My Meal - Smartphone App To Help Lose Weight
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Researchers have developed a new smartphone app that could be key to losing weight, enabling users to regularly monitor their food intake and exercise.  

A new iPad program is enabling mothers to bond with their babies soon after delivery - even when they are hospitalized on different floors.   Moms who are not ambulatory after delivery, perhaps because of a cesarean section or other complications, are able to see their newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to the new iPad initiative in the Maxine Dunitz Children's Health Center at Cedars-Sinai.  

Stress Sensor Android App: That Tracks Your Stressful Moments in Your Life
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Now, a new Android app has been developed that can log stressful moments in a users' life, a report has said.   Dirk Trossen, a senior researcher in the computer laboratory at the University of Cambridge, developed the Android Remote Sensing App (AIRS), which can help people manage pressure and improve their general health.   The Android Apps uses all the sensors built into mobile devices to measure physical changes.  

Google Currents Update: Improves Syncing & Supports Audio Playback
Google Currents provide beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and Smartphone for high speed and offline reading. This application has become widely popular after their latest UI Makeover. The Few Additions include audio playback features and post syncing.   Simply evaluating the change which they have posted won’t do the improvement any justice, as it's essential to understand it for yourself. Here it is…  

New Google Keep App: Sync Notes, To Do List On Your PC, Phone or Tablet
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Now, new 'Google Keep' that keeps users' phones, web notes 'synced'   Google has launched a new app that would allow users to sync their notes and to-do lists across their computer, phone and tablet using Google account.  


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