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iOS Or Android Which Is Better And Easier
TechAheadCorp  | 
Mobile App Development  in 2013   The world of mobile app development is brimming with delight and action. In the last few years, everyone is talking about the advancement made in technology, communication and the use of smartphone and other wireless devices. Currently, the iOS and Android are the two operating systems (OS) that is taking the lead in this department. Both technologies are nothing short of miraculous as it allows the users to do a wide range of activity with utmost ease and convenience.  

Online Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube  | 
You Tube was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, just seven years after when Google was founded in 1998. But the omnipresence of You Tube is felt forever. There is no doubt that it is a great entertainment video channel, we post our videos, enjoy silly amusements during our boring hours, send memorable moments to our friends in a most ultra-modern way. Everything is correct, but the heart of the matter has remained unchanged, it is like old neighborhood ladies spreading eternal gossips in the air.  

Chris Brown Launches Entertainment Application For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
ANI  | 
Chris Brown has launched his own entertainment app, the Chris Brown Channel apps, exclusively available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.   The 24-year-old hip hop artist is hoping that it will help him connect with his fans in a more immediate, intimate and interactive way, Contactmusic reported.   Brown said that he is excited to bring his fans into his world, to hear from him directly.  

Facebook Blocks 'Social Suicide' App Offering Users' Chance Of Deleting Their Accounts
ANI  | 
Facebook has blocked an app that is offering users a one-in-six chance of deleting their account.   The new app called the Social Roulette has mimicked the lethal game of Russian Roulette, in which players spin the cylinder of a revolver hoping to avoid the one loaded chamber.   According to the BCC, its developers said that the app was brought to Facebook's attention by an automated system that deals with 'negative user experience'.  

BlackBerry Messenger Chat App Now Available On iOs And Android
ANI  | 
Blackberry has announced that it will make its once popular BBM service available on other platforms like Apple's iOS and Google's Android.   The company's unveiling of its latest slim and sleek Blackberry Q5 phone operating on BB 10 system preceded this announcement.   Blackberry Messenger provided the alternative to text messages when chat apps like Whatsapp were not launched. It was the BBM, which made its users loyal to the brand.  

Best News Aggregators of 2013: Get Breaking News On Your Mobile Now Very Easily  | 
There are many apps and services where you can add your choicest blogs and happily breathe with their feeds but do that stop you to discover something new and more interesting? This week we are going to visit five new apps that will deliver you surprising chaste experience, although they may comprised your own feeds.  

AirBeam iPhone App Convert Smartphones Into Home Monitoring System
PTI  | 
Worried about what your dog is chewing on when you're at work, or whether your home is secure while on vacation? New apps can transform old smartphones into remote security cameras for home monitoring systems.  

Weather Bug: New Android App Warns You When Lightning is Nearby
PTI  | 
A new Smartphone app that can alert users to lightning strikes nearby has been developed in the US.   The app from WeatherBug, called Spark, tells you where the nearest lightning strike is to you, based on data from the Total Lightning Network (run by WeatherBug's parent company, Earth Networks) and your phone's GPS location.   Users can also check for lightning near saved locations such as the beach or the golf course you're hoping to visit, website 'OurAmazingPlanet' reported.  

Mobile Chat Apps Overtake SMS For First Time Ever:  The End Of The Message Text
ANI  | 
London, Apr. 30 (ANI): The amount of messages being sent using instant chat apps, such as Whatsapp and BlackBerry Messenger, has overtaken the traditional SMS messages for the first time ever, according to a research firm.   Informa said almost 19 billion messages were sent per day on chat apps compared with 17.6 billion SMS texts in 2012.  

Wellington, Apr 30 (ANI): An app called Pixtr has been developed, which promises to "put your best face forward."   What that means is that it automatically cleans you up like a magazine Photoshop artist, reported.   Noses are thinned. Eyes are tweaked. Faces are re-shaped. Wrinkles, blemishes, even freckles - ever-so-lovely freckles - are history.   You'll look fantastically plastic, and it won't bear any resemblance to the dreaded face in the bathroom mirror.  


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