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A Roman Catholic prelate has developed a smart-phone application that will help let his parishioners know when and where he is available to listen to their sins.   Rev. Richard Heilman's My Confessor App allows faithful to keep up digitally with when their local priest is hearing confession, the New York Daily News reported.   Heilman said that he wanted people to not feel uncomfortable asking about confession and wanted everybody ignited in the Holy Spirit.  

New iPhone App Brings Photoshopping Pics To Your Fingertips
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An iPhone app named Facetune has put photoshop-like retouching capabilities at the fingertips of the masses.   The app, which was developed by Lightricks Ltd., has been designed to retouch portrait-style images and provides users with tools to fix common photo flaws directly on their phones, the New York Daily News reported.   Lightricks CEO Zeev Farbman said in a statement that with small effort everyone can get great looking pictures of themselves.  

5 Android Apps to Change Your Home Screen
Besides maps, there are other areas in which the Android Army beats iFan. Of all the greatest features that android devices come with, customization seems to be almost every user’s favorite. As an android user, you can be able to customize home screens on your precious device without requiring root access. The following are the top 5 android apps to change your home screen: -   Nova Launcher Prime  

Researchers Develop New Search Tool To Help Fight Child Porn, Catch Cyber Thieves
A new search tool developed by researchers in Canada can now help crime investigators extract hidden knowledge from a large volume of text and thereby catch cyber thieves.   With computing devices storing terrabytes of personal data, it can take months before enough evidence can be cobbled together from reams of documents, emails, chat logs and text messages.    But now a new technique has been developed by researchers at Concordia University, who have slashed the data-crunching time. What once took months now takes minutes.  

Google Drive Vs. Microsoft SkyDrive Vs. Dropbox
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Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox are obviously some of top Online File Storage services even though some of the services also offer some editing and synchronization features. Three of these services have their FREE versions, which make a big confusion among the users when they are in need of online file storage and editing service. For finding the best service suitable for your different needs, let us have small comparison between Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox based on features they provide as well as the other capabilities.  

Why Testing for Android Apps is Important? Testing Fundamentals
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To ensure that your Android application runs smoothly, it is imperative to conduct a robust testing routine that is designed to leverage the performance of your Android app and enables it to serve the audience the way it is meant to be. Google powered Android is the most popular mobile operating system that the world is using today.  

Mobile Phones Apps 2013
As our world becomes more technically advanced and technology evolves, it isn’t really a surprise that smartphones have become a very valuable tool for all kinds of companies, not just technology-based industries. The beauty of smartphones is that they are more than just mobile phones- they are like mini computers that can help employees to work remotely, share files and information at the click of a button and even act as a personal safety device.

Smartphone Turned Into Handheld Biosensor To Detect Toxins, Pollutants And Pathogens
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers have developed a cradle and app for the iPhone that uses the phone's built-in camera and processing power as a biosensor to detect toxins, proteins, bacteria, viruses and other molecules.  

Most Expensive Apps for Android I'm sure everyone can agree on applications adding a more pleasant experience to Android devices.   There is an app for almost anything now, and the industry is not slowing down anytime soon. There are applications that manage productivity, manage finances, provide entertainment, and enhance the usability of your mobile device.  | 
If you ever thought an interior designer's job was easy, then think again. Basically, the job requires a great deal of creative thinking, but typically this has to be in line with your client's tastes. Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get those creative juices flowing and what follows is possibly the greatest interior design-related app ever invented.  


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