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Want to Avoid Your friends? Check This Anti-Aocial App

A new experimental 'anti-social' web app has been designed which can help users to utilize FourSquare to track their friends' check-ins and provide alternative routes to avoid them.


The app called as 'Hell Is Other People' has been designed by Scott Garner, a master's degree candidate in the interactive telecommunications program at NYU who got the idea out of his own social anxiety, ABC News reports.


Garner also got the idea from a presentation FourSquare co-founder Dennis Crowley made about FourSquare's early beginnings.


The app requires the user to connect their FourSquare account with Hell Is Other People app and then the app conjures up an avoidance map based on the check-ins by friends. The map contains orange and green points. Orange points indicate check-ins by other users, and green points represent 'optimally distanced safe zones'. Discover Rediff Shopping For wide Range of latest Mobile Phones, Gadgets and Electronics. 


NYU adjunct faculty member James George said that Garner was able to channelize his personal anxiety into the concept of the new app.


NYU master's candidate David Lobser said that as an elegant and satirical take on the current tech boom in social media apps, 'Hell is Other People' is unparalleled.


George further said that Garner's tool and people adopting it shows that it is useful as it answered this anxiety of wanting to avoid other people, the report added. (ANI)


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