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Top Productivity Apps in App Store

In the past few years, people had used Smartphones, mostly for communicating and connecting with other people, but today Smartphones are being used for a large variety of other tasks. You can use mobiles to communicate, connect, search, research, analyze the universe and beyond, collect data and of course most important to follow people on different social networking platforms. Nowadays new applications are being developed with a certain unique sense to them, in order to attract more people.


Today we will list down some of the top apps, from the productivity and efficiency enhancing genre. These apps are now available in the app store for people to download and use. These apps differ on the basis of their qualities, features and task specifications. We will now begin with our list:


1.      EasilyDo

EasilyDo is a free Iphone productivity app that acts as a personal, pocket-size assistant for you. It is an automatic machine that you connect with your personal profiles; Facebook, Email, Twitter and so forth. It's like your own personal life coach at your fingertips. When you connect it with all of these network services, it helps you to categorize your tasks and reminders according to the importance. It really is remarkable and very effective. It is also available for android phone users.



This app is related to your task management and listing about the things that you have to do. It is very effective if you are looking for an app that helps you listing down your goals and reminders.


3.      Awesome Note (+To Do)

As the very name suggests, Awesome Note (+To Do) is a productivity app that helps with your to-do list. In this app you can select from many font sizes, colors, font styles, background images and icons for your notes and lists.


4.      Google Search

Google Search is an application that does not help you with searching about things only. It comes with a customized option that you can choose from. Google Search helps you with anything that you can imagine; let it be about an upcoming appointment, traffic alerts, match scores or any other related topic.


5.      Ifttt

Ifttt is really a remarkable application that has helped and attracted a lot of users. Ifttt is abbreviated for If This Then That; meaning if this happens then that should happen. If XYZ tags me in a photo, Then let me know about it.


6.      Timeful

Timefull is an amazing productivity app that helps with the things that you should do e.g. exercise, drink water, read, etc. You can add new appointments or other tasks that you would like to add and like to be reminded about.


We conclude the list of some of the top productivity apps that are available in the market for people. You can download the one that suits your requirements the best way and can make your life and your every task easy and simple. All you have to do is search for it, select it and download it.


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