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List of new social media apps and software that will hit in 2016

Social media networking had undergone many tedious paths where once people never believed in the concept of it and was never considered as a viable strategy of marketing to the present era where with the aid of right advertising and with other available opportunities it is turning the content of yours, public. But in no regard you can call the social media world as a rigid one as within a fraction of second new podium arrives and companies try to move ahead in this game with their newly introduced apps.

It is a completely vociferous field which was largely dependent on Facebook till late 2000 but lately with the emergence of so many innovative platforms which are either illuminated with the fame or are suppressed by the existing successful players of this field or earn that entity success itself, it is taking a new heed. They all teach the marketer of social media about the likeness and dislikeness of customer about social media. We are standing on the verge where soon we will be bidding farewell to the glorious 2015 but with the expectation that the below mentioned app will bring the new horizon of success in 2016.


SlideShare- this app has already won many users but that cannot be called as its limit as this app has a long way to travel in order to reach to the ultimate perk where it build its position higher than any other app. With this app professional can easily create videos, slideshow- somewhere equivalent to YouTube but far better when it comes to professional level. LinkedIn liker’s who appreciate their professional nature are going to fall in love with this app. It will have a wider appeal and is highly expected to be used by endless professionals.


Wanelo- this term could be called as a right abbreviation of three terms- want-need-loves and Wanelo is based on shopping which cannot be defined without the above mentioned terms. You could learn about numerous products of diverse brand after you download it. Products from artists as well as producers are also shown here, somewhere similar to that of Etsy. Option of wishlists, friend’s interest and creation of established connection is also available in it. Pinterest could get a strong competition if this app touches the perquisite success as the features of these two apps are quite similar.


Ello- this app could be called as a true replica of Tumblr or Facebook as all the features like forging new connections, uploading desired content, videos and photographs and updating status could be done through it. The only thing that discriminate it from those two is, it never supports advertising and criticize the fact that advertisers rules these social platforms. It has claimed not to support or push advertisement or share information of yours with any third parties. No doubt it is expected that it will fetch a huge traffic but replacing Facebook is a far away story.


Shots- a selfies based simple app using the front camera of phone only. Exchanging pictures, scrolling to the feed of other photographs etc could be done by it. Commenting is not allowed but the option of chatting is open. Somewhere similar to SnapChat but has less control over the privacy matter and emphasize more over connecting people. Definitely multiple innovative features had been introduced and it is expecting a boon in 2016.


Games- this is one of the economical app that comes at almost 1/30th of the competitor’s rate. There are many relocation pools that have been introduced in the game like Grizzly Bonus Gaming and are expected to touch the height of success in 2016. An option called Pool of Fate is introduced in it to shift a city to nearby coordinates and if you want to move a full city to any particular co-ordinates then you can use Pools of Fidelity. Many new packages that let them to have more fun have been added to it. “Hellas,” an innovative tournament allows earning points in tournament with the experience they gain. It’s expected that 2016 will prove a glorious year for this app.


Hyper- it is a combination of many apps but surely with a difference. Users of this app could post and share photos like Instagram, downvote/upvote affecting the visibility of the post like Reddit and geographic tags is also allowed through it. Though this app is now an IOS only but is expected to grow exponentially in 2016.


This- this app called “This” is completely designed by keeping in mind that often newsfeed is surrounded by insignificant update, clickbait- pattern content and trivial conversation and with its simple approach it delivers concise and needed resource to the user. Daily one link share is permitted here ads it checks the number of links and could work more over the quality. Recently it is working through invite-only test but it is expected that by 2016 it is going to hold a great position among the user’s interest and will generate a spark by its features.


Bebo- technically this app cannot be regarded as a newbie as it is among the original media stars like fortunate Facebook and lost MySpace. Bebo was lost in the social networking world after Facebook was declared as the preference of mass but the relaunch of this app has built a great hope among its developers. The customized avatar of this app permits you to upload customize illustration, create individual account and use hashtags for communication. It has nothing to do with the photographs and is expected to reach success in 2016.


Who knows if they will reach the popularity the world or they-themselves are expecting or will be lost behind the popular apps but for sure these new ideas will bring some changes. Stay ready for the surprises!


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