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Instragram App Makes Your Photographs Elegant And Vintage With Modern Twist

Just in case you've been living in a cave for the last few years and weren't aware - Instagram is the latest social networking service, but is typically used to share photographs. You have the ability to share your photos with many other social networks as well, including Facebook and Twitter. Instagram offers the user a wide variety of digital filters, although most of the images produced have a vintage look to them.

Instagram was brought to the world in October 2010 and was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. The service grew quickly and spread across the world and they are now nearing 200 million active users. The service is supported by both iOS and Android and can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play. Unfortunately, it is yet to be released for Blackberry or Windows phones.

Create an Account

Prior to using the Instagram app you are required to create an account. This works in much the same way as any other social network and simply requires you to provide a username and password. Just as with Facebook and Twitter you have the ability to follow other users and they can follow you back. There is a "profile" icon on the Instagram interface, which allows you to search for your friends.

As soon as you follow another user their photographs will appear on your feed, and you have the facility to "like" any photos, as well as leaving a comment. The same can be said for when you take photos, and these will appear on your friend's feeds (those who are following you).

Photo Filters

You can start taking photos immediately after you have downloaded the app, and this is achieved by simply pressing the camera icon found on the menu. As soon as you select the green checkmark you have the ability to make any number of changes to the photo. This will include changing the colour, contrast, brightness, texture and the entire look of the photo should you wish to. Check out Rediff Shopping For Wide Range Of Digital Camera and Camera Batteries and Accesories

Instagram currently offers a total of 17 different photo filters, which can completely transform the look of your images. You can also preview the shot after you've added a particular filter, thus allowing you to decide whether to keep it or try again. You can also add a caption to any of your photos.

Social Networking

Your Instagram account can be configured with a number of other social networking services, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr or can even sent as an email. You can actually set all of these configurations to "On", which means whenever you take a photo it will immediately be shared with these other social networks, as long as you press the "done" button.

You have the ability to add the particular location of where a snap was taken, which is done via the Instagram Photo Map. If for any reason you don't want any of your followers to see a photo then just delete it. The Instagram developers are working hard on making more improvements to the service and your smartphone will typically notify you of any updates. For this moment in time Instagram is also completely free.


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