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Home Technology: 6 Cool Gadgets to Have In Your Home

While we haven't exactly advanced ourselves to the Star Trek universe, we have multiple technological breakthrough gadgets that let us know we are getting close. Today we look at six of those things and what they can do for you, your family and your home.


Google Glass

Although not exactly inexpensive or highly available at this point in its alpha launch, Google Glass has shown to be a promising invention that could be used in households around the world. Through the use of Android-powered glasses, a user can make phone calls, text, get visual directions, and have video chats.


Vivint Home Security

Keeping our home safe and secure has never been easier now that we can use home security services like Vivint home security systems and monitoring to check on our home directly from our smart phones. Using their simple app, a user can adjust and check on their home while being away through security cameras, thermostats and more.



Far gone are the days of magazine stacks to throw out and shelves of books to dust. With many houses going green, companies like Kindle and Barnes & Noble are pumping out affordable E-Readers to keep thousands of books and magazines in the palm of your hand.


Smart Power Strips

Most energy in your home is constantly flowing. Even when you shut off your electronics, electricity is streaming through your devices, sucking up power. With smart power strips, turning off your "control" device means the equipment you leave plugged in wont leech power during stand-by mode.


Noise Canceling Headphones

With ambient noise filtering into our lives and disrupting everything we do, noise canceling headphones could be just what you need to fall asleep without hearing the dog bark next door, work from home without interruption and enjoy your music minus the intrusions of the world and its constant clamor.


TSir Wristband Charger

We all hate seeing our smart phone battery flash red. Yet who wants to be tethered to a socket for hours to charge, or carry a huge bulky extended battery? Well now with the TSir Wristband Charger, you can have a sleek watch-like device on your arm that can boost your battery on the fly. Compatible with nearly all devices, this inexpensive gadget could make your day a little easier if you're always on the go.


With technology like this, who knows where we will go? For now, the present day has you covered.


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