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Biggest Blunders to Avoid When Developing Smartphone Apps

So you’ve decided to launch your Mobile App. Great move! However, Mobile applications are not promising every time. Sometimes assumptions can lead to catastrophic results. It is observed that developers from small business firms to corporate giants often assume that their mobile based applications will catapult their brand into the limelight instantly. An optimistic approach is good, but it’s even better to go step-by-step to ensure business success.


In order to succeed the first time, one must work cohesively with Smartphone app developers who have excellent product knowledge and enough relevant experience. Many companies commit certain mistakes and it is advised to avoid them all costs. Here are certain areas to look out for:


  • · Difference Between Smartphone And A Computer:

Smartphone market is a huge industry today and most of them provide easy access to standard websites. Publishing a simple mobile version of the company website may not yield the expected results and will not be worth the download bandwidth or bring it into the spotlight. A company must think carefully before finalising the platform they will be using.


  • · Functionality:

The company identify their target market. If the mobile based applications cannot differentiate from the desktop website, it would not create a buzz among the users. Smartphone users want ease of access with mobile applications. Thus, all functionalities should be carefully studied before releasing a mobile based application.


  • · Lean Thinking:

To develop efficient mobile applications, the Smartphone app development service providers need to think ‘lean’. An app should be hassle free and compatible with the slower devices. The app should be device friendly and avoid lock ups, crashes or incompatibility to older devices. These mistakes can backfire and generate negative feedback from the users in the market.


  • · Aesthetics:

Aesthetics play a vital role in determining whether or not an application is going to be accepted by the people. Complex layout and failure to embrace light design may lead to hideous interface which is unappealing to anyone.


  • Optimize Costs:

Companies often try to launch their app on multiple platforms like Android, Apple iOs and Windows. It is important to manage resources wisely, thus a company should develop app on one environment initially. Once the app has been released and glitches (if any) have been dealt with, it is time to move on to another platform.


Hence, finding the right service provider for Smartphone app development services will help a company to realize its vision and make a substantial difference in Smartphone app development process.


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