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Best Battery Saver Apps for Android phones - Ways To Extend Your Mobile Battery

Want to know how to increase your mobile phone battery life in Android phones?  Here is the list of 3 best battery saver apps for your android phone which can prolong your smartphone use.


As we all know, we would all love our mobile phones battery life to go on a for a longer time-so that we can play that extra game, send that vital email , watch a video or do anything for that matter, with the smartphones we have and which are coming up these days. Android developers every year are coming out with efficient ways to increase battery life to give us those extra minutes, but it is still far from perfect. For all you android users, this article will list down some of the best battery saver apps (free or paid) for Android that prolong your smartphone use.


I have come across some pretty good battery savers apps, but only a few have caught my eye.




Juice defender is an amazing app to increase battery life. It comes with a wide array of features to regulate unwanted use of “juice”. The free version lets you manage common connections such as Bluetooth, wifi and mobile data. In addition to that it also allows the user to decide which apps can keep the screen on. Juice defender comes with some preset modes such as aggressive, balanced etc.


The paid version – Juice Defender Plus (Rs. 118) and Juice Defender Ultimate (Rs. 296) comes with extra features and deeper control for GPS settings, applications, scheduling  and some amazing location aware features for wifi, Bluetooth etc.


The free version of this amazing battery saver appis sufficient. But if you need that extra bit more, the paid versions are also a good investment.




Battery defender is one of the few battery saver apps which come without a price tag and still manage to offer amazing battery usage control.


Battery defender gives a reliable “battery remaining” percentage on the notification bar. It also allows regulating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Headsets, mobile data and other common connections which prove to be helpful for older version of android phones.


Allows scheduling and also has a “quiet sleeping option” which disables Wi-Fi and other connections at night if one fails to do so.




This battery saver app is beautiful as well as flexible.  It allows easy transition between pre-set modes with a simple tap.  Also for those who don’t prefer the standard mode, there are 2 slots for users to create their own custom “mode”.


Go Power Master Battery Saver collects information on installed applications which are eating up battery life. It also lists down which apps can be enabled or disabled. The optimize button provided in the app cleans up everything possible and grants a noticeable amount of battery life extension. The free version comes with a large number of settings and options, the paid version (Rs 296) on the other hand comes with even more features, for users who want better control and more settings.


These 3 battery saver apps for android to me are the best you can get. There are many more out there but none of them being as flexible or loaded with options as the ones mentioned above. Check out Rediff Shopping - India's Leading Online Marketplace For Comsumer Electronics, Mobile, Gadgets, Mobile Batteries and More


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