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Top Productivity Apps in App Store
In the past few years, people had used Smartphones, mostly for communicating and connecting with other people, but today Smartphones are being used for a large variety of other tasks. You can use mobiles to communicate, connect, search, research, analyze the universe and beyond, collect data and of course most important to follow people on different social networking platforms. Nowadays new applications are being developed with a certain unique sense to them, in order to attract more people.  

List of new social media apps and software that will hit in 2016
Social media networking had undergone many tedious paths where once people never believed in the concept of it and was never considered as a viable strategy of marketing to the present era where with the aid of right advertising and with other available opportunities it is turning the content of yours, public. But in no regard you can call the social media world as a rigid one as within a fraction of second new podium arrives and companies try to move ahead in this game with their newly introduced apps.

Biggest Blunders to Avoid When Developing Smartphone Apps
So you’ve decided to launch your Mobile App. Great move! However, Mobile applications are not promising every time. Sometimes assumptions can lead to catastrophic results. It is observed that developers from small business firms to corporate giants often assume that their mobile based applications will catapult their brand into the limelight instantly. An optimistic approach is good, but it’s even better to go step-by-step to ensure business success.  

While we haven't exactly advanced ourselves to the Star Trek universe, we have multiple technological breakthrough gadgets that let us know we are getting close. Today we look at six of those things and what they can do for you, your family and your home.  

'Banned' Hookup App Bang With Friends Returns to App Store Under New Name
ANI  | 
A controversial hookup app called Bang With Friends, which was banned by Apple for its objectionable content, has sufficiently cleaned up its act and is available again under the new name of Down.   According to the New York Daily News, the inventors of BWF say that other apps that connect people who want to hook up get away with it because they are marketed as general dating apps.  

Want to Avoid Your friends? Check This Anti-Aocial App
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A new experimental 'anti-social' web app has been designed which can help users to utilize FourSquare to track their friends' check-ins and provide alternative routes to avoid them.   The app called as 'Hell Is Other People' has been designed by Scott Garner, a master's degree candidate in the interactive telecommunications program at NYU who got the idea out of his own social anxiety, ABC News reports.   Garner also got the idea from a presentation FourSquare co-founder Dennis Crowley made about FourSquare's early beginnings.  

Instragram App Makes Your Photographs Elegant And Vintage With Modern Twist
Just in case you've been living in a cave for the last few years and weren't aware - Instagram is the latest social networking service, but is typically used to share photographs. You have the ability to share your photos with many other social networks as well, including Facebook and Twitter. Instagram offers the user a wide variety of digital filters, although most of the images produced have a vintage look to them.

Facebook Planning To Launch its Own 'News Reader App'
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Social media giant Facebook is reportedly working on news service application, which will collect all the news shared on the website and make it easier to browse through the various applications for the iPhones and iPads.   The app called, the 'Reader app' is said to be similar to a popular app 'Flipboard' which allows users to create their own custom magazines by logging in through their social media accounts, ABC News reports.  

Vuemix App Free Video-Browsing App for Both iPhone and iPad
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Vuemix is a revolutionary free video-browsing app for both iPhone and iPad (coming soon to Android).  

Mobile Apps Testing
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Usage of mobile applications has extensively increased over the last few years and the scope for expanding this field has no limit. Though most of the software companies are inclined towards mobile apps development, but releasing stable apps in terms of time and money has always been a greatest challenge for them.   It often happens that many organizations overlook small glitches, malfunctions and crashes to keep up with the increasing competition in the market. To overcome these drawbacks mobile application testing is of much importance.


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